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Gear Review: Cocoon Ultralight AirCore Pillow

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Cocoon Ultralight AirCore Pillow

Cocoon Ultralight AirCore Pillow

Camp Pillow
Cocoon Ultralight AirCore Pillow
$25, 4 oz.

File this one under “There’s no reason to rough it too severely in the wilderness.” Many a night I’ve lain my head upon this very comfy inflatable pillow, which more than justifies its paltry weight and baseball size when stuffed. The microfiber shell on one side makes for a soft surface against my cheek. It’s one of those luxuries that is a no-brainer.

—Michael Lanza


December 7, 2011

Chasing the Snow: A Meditation on How ‘Compressed Adventure’ Can Be Your Salvation

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By Michael Lanza

Zooming down the interstate, with my family in the car and our Nordic skis in the roofbox, I’m reminded of a truism that explains not only our motivation today, but many of life’s turns and frustrations: Sometimes the place where we are and the place where we want to be lie far, far apart. Continue reading →

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