Photo Gallery: Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps

By Michael Lanza

Look at any list of the world’s greatest hiking trails, and the Tour du Mont Blanc almost invariably occupies a spot at or near the top of the list. There are many good reasons for that. But first and foremost comes the sheer majesty of this roughly 105-mile (170k) walking path around the “Monarch of the Alps.” Passing through three nations—France, Italy, and Switzerland—and over several mountain passes reaching nearly 9,000 feet, it delivers almost constant views of glaciers, pointy peaks and “augilles,” and when it’s not engulfed in clouds, the snowy dome of Mont Blanc.

In July 2017, I took a wonderful, nine-day trek on the Tour du Mont Blanc with my family and eight other friends and relatives—including my 80-year-old mom—and we were blown away by the scenery and the cultural and gastronomical experience. Scroll through my photos below for a window into the awesome character of this trail.

Here’s another reason for the enormous popularity of the TMB: the abundance of scenic mountain towns and villages, as well as the availability of public transportation and private transports at numerous points along the route, allowing hikers to customize their trek, choosing which sections to hike depending on difficulty, weather, and how they feel.

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A hiker on a trail overlooking the Mont Blanc massif in Switzerland.
Anna Garofalo on our trek’s final day. Click photo for my e-guide to the Tour du Mont Blanc, including this alternate route on our last day.

I found it entirely feasible to craft a TMB itinerary that would allow most of our group to hike every day, while others could avoid difficult sections or days of bad weather, and we’d all still spend our evenings together.

My downloadable e-guide “The Perfect, Flexible Plan for Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc” lays out our detailed itinerary and describes how to customize a flexible TMB hiking itinerary, using local transportation options along the route to skip or shorten harder days, avoid bad weather, or hike just a portion of the TMB.

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We spent three of our eight nights on the TMB in mountain huts with views of towering peaks and heavily crevassed glaciers. But we spent the majority of our nights in comfortable hotel rooms in towns along the trek, enjoying delicious dinners with wine or beer every evening.

But even those in our party who only hiked selected sections still enjoyed some of the TMB’s best mountain scenery, which the photo gallery below demonstrates. Scroll below the photo gallery for the link to my full feature story about trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc.

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10 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps”

  1. I’m headed off to experience the tour du Mont Blanc trek in just a few weeks. This will be my first major trek and I think it’ll be transformative. Are there any foods you recommend eating? 🙂 I’m thinking lots of cheese.

    • Hi Crystal, eat all the food you see! We had so much good food on the TMB, from restaurants in Chamonix and Courmayeur to small inns like the Hotel Alpina in Champex, Switzerland, and the Chalet Bekker in Finhaut, Switzerland. You almost can’t go wrong, but ask locals for their recommendations. Have a great trip.

  2. I loved seeing this story in my inbasket! We hiked the TMB with our 3 kids this summer as well, late June/early July. It was the best thing we’ve ever done with them. We didn’t see many other kids on the trail, but they had hikers from all over the world supporting them and congratulating them every day. Stunning scenery, warm, friendly huts, hearty food and the liberation of only carrying a change of clothes on one’ back–it has left us all in wilderness withdrawl. We are busy planning our next trek and look forward to reading more of your blog. (We also stayed at Hotel Alpina, and my kids now call Marlene their third grandma. What fantastic hosts and what an incredible meal).

    • Hi English, good on your family for trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc. I agree, it’s wonderful, and Marlene at the Hotel Alpina was a delight. Our group of 12 adults and teenagers all called that one of the best dinners any of us had ever had, anywhere. Thanks for the nice words about my blog, please do keep in touch.