Ask Me: Can You Suggest a Versatile Baby Carrier for Hiking?

Hey Michael,

I’ve a question. We used to carry our daughter in a woven wrap (Little Frog) at our front. This went great the first few months. We even climbed some small mountains with her. Recently she’s becoming too big at seven months old. She doesn’t sleep so much anymore and she wants to see everything. So she wants to turn around the whole the time, which is not very handy when carrying her at the front.

But she’s too young to use a kid-carrier backpack because she can’t sit by herself. We tried to carry her on our back with the woven wrap. This went quite good but is a big hassle to do. I can’t imagine doing this every time you want to change your top layer. But she likes it to see much more.

We’re going on holiday and we’re hoping to do a little trekking in the Alps. Do you have any suggestions how to carry her on our back without using a carrier for older babies?

Polsbroek, The Netherlands


My son, 11 months old, backpacking in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains.
My son, 11 months old, backpacking in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains.

Hi Ferdinand,

My kids are 14 and 11, so I haven’t used a kid carrier in years. We were fans of the Baby Bjorn (that’s my wife carrying our daughter in one in the lead photo at the top of this story), and I see they offer a variety of baby carriers. But I asked my wife’s niece, Ruth, who has a toddler and hiked a lot with her, and she sent me this response, which may be helpful to you:

Hi Mike,

As for the baby carrier I do have some thoughts. I have used an Ergo carrier since Bix was a newborn. It fits both Chris and me and distributes the weight well. Up until about three months of age, we had her in an infant insert in the carrier. After that we just had her in the carrier on the front. Once she got a little bigger, around seven months, we started to wear her on our backs, using the same carrier. I find this more comfortable for longer distances. Ergo even makes a “performance” carrier that is lighter and more breathable. Bix has always loved the Ergo. She loves being close, it calms her down, and she naps easily in it. When Bix turned a year old, we purchased a child-carrier backpack, however, I often still use the Ergo for the ease of it.

Hope that helps!



We bought the Ergo baby performance and it worked out great! It carried very comfortably. It’s lightweight and the most important of all: my daughter didn’t mind to sit in it for hours. Good solution for pre-toddlers.

We did a four-day trekking with tent in Berner Oberland in the Swiss Alps. Big success! Thanks for your suggestion.


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