Ask Me: Looking For an All-Purpose Daypack for Hiking and Traveling

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Mr. Lanza,

I have recently stumbled across your blog and become a big fan. Thank you for taking the time to put it together and keep it going. I would like to get your thoughts on what you think is the best waterproof daypack. Long story short, I’m looking for a waterproof daypack because my girlfriend and I are going to be traveling abroad visiting multiple countries. Some will be hot, some will be cool, and some will likely be rainy and others will definitely involve water activities and a lot of hiking or walking around.
Right or wrong, in my mind I think I need something that is:
•    Waterproof
•    About 30L because we will be doing some in-between 1-3 nights stints, picking up things along the way, and I’ll undoubtedly end up carrying some of her stuff.

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2 Responses to Ask Me: Looking For an All-Purpose Daypack for Hiking and Traveling

  1. Jeff   |  July 30, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    I would also suggest you have a good look at Manta AG series. I have the 20 because I wanted the smallest one for fast packing. Love it so far. Super comfortable and AG system is very effective as many reviews on the web have stated. Be aware the 20 only comes in one size so it may or may not work for you or carry enough. The bigger versions come in 2 back sizes and many different capacities. They also have built in rain covers (at least my 20 does). Great pack IMO…. And I’m super picky about my gear ?

    Jeff in MA

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