Gear Review: Brooks-Range Ski Binding Tool and Heli Ski Straps

Brooks-Range Ski Binding Tool

Brooks-Range Ski Binding Tool
$10, 6 oz.
Brooks-Range Heli Ski Straps
$7/pair, 2 oz.

I’ve seen ski bindings blow out in the backcountry, and the result ranges from truly not fun (a buddy hiked two miles back to our car on one ski) to potentially dangerous if you’re not prepared (another friend had a repair kit and remounted a busted binding two days into a weeklong ski traverse in Yellowstone). This lightweight kit comes with eight bits—two Philips, a PZ3, standard #6 and #4 flathead screwdrivers, ¼ and 1/8 Allen, and a Torx T-20. It also includes a ¼-inch hex drive that you can set to ratchet to tighten, loosen, or remain in a fixed, non-ratcheting position; although small, it has a good handle for gripping. The tool also comes with a four-size (6, 8, 10, and 11mm) wrench. The kit does not have a hand drill if you need to make new holes in your skis, or spare parts specific to your bindings, which you should also carry.

Brooks-Range Heli Ski Straps

The ski straps, made of tough nylon webbing and designed for fat boards, are a must-have item for putting your skis on your pack to boot up a steep hill in the backcountry, or even just to ease the burden of carrying skis over your shoulder from the car to the lifts.

—Michael Lanza


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