Gear Review: GoLite and MontBell Trekking Umbrellas

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Trekking Umbrellas
GoLite Collapsible Trekking Umbrella
$50, 10 oz. (including case)
One size

MontBell U.L. Trekking Umbrella
$39, 6 oz. (including case)
One size

My kids and mom were pretty psyched when I pulled out these trekking umbrellas during periods of cold rain on a weeklong, hut-to-hut trek in Norway’s Jotunheimen National Park. Considering how light and compact they are, either of these is worth carrying on backcountry trips where you expect hours of rain. They differ mainly in size (although the GoLite also comes in a more durable carrying case with a small carabiner).

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