Gear Review: Gregory Savant 58/Sage 55 Backpacks

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Gregory Savant 58 (men’s) and Sage 55 (women’s)
$199, 58L/3,539 c.i., 3 lbs. 9 oz. (men’s medium)
Sizes: S-L

Ultralight packs have their place, but they’re not for people who want assured comfort when carrying a little extra weight—whether it’s in creature comforts like a fatter air mattress and a roomier tent, or just food for a longer trek. For that backpacker, there is hardly a better midweight, midsize pack than the men’s Savant or women’s Sage, perfect for traditional backpacking trips of two to five days. On a four-day, 57-mile September hike in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains—including an 18-mile last day—I found the Savant 58 made loads of 30 pounds feel several pounds lighter; I’d confidently say it’s good for carrying 40 pounds.

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