By Michael Lanza

Ever since I launched this blog almost five years ago, readers have emailed me with their questions about trips they’re planning, gear, taking kids on outdoor adventures, or some kind of outdoor skill. I always respond, and because my readers ask good questions, I share most of them, and my responses, in the feature I call Ask Me. I’ve now amassed enough Ask Me blog posts that it seemed to make sense to organize them onto a page, listed in several categories. Now, if you have a question for me, or are researching gear or a national park or any topic I write about at The Big Outside, go to my Ask Me page for a complete menu of all existing blog posts in which I’ve answered questions from other readers.

Previously, the Ask Me link in the main menu (at top of every page at The Big Outside) brought you to a listing of my Ask Me posts in order of most recent; click on the Ask Me in the Categories menu in the left sidebar of every page at The Big Outside, and you will still see a list of my Ask Me posts, beginning with the most recent. But at my Ask Me page link in the main menu, you’ll find links to all of my Ask Me posts, organized by categories: family adventures, gear, national parks, backpacking, hiking, skills, paddling, international adventures, and skiing/snow-based trips. So now you have two ways of viewing a list of all of my Ask Me posts.

Got a question about hiking, backpacking, gear, or any topic or trip I write about at The Big Outside? Send it to me at, message me at, or tweet it to @MichaelALanza. I will answer the ones I can in a post, using only your first name and city, with your permission. I receive a high volume of questions, so I cannot always respond quickly.

By the way, the lead photo at the top of this post shows my family at Yellowstone’s technicolor Grand Prismatic Geyser, the park’s largest, from my story, “Ask Me: The Ultimate Family Tour of Yellowstone.”

Finally, thanks to all my readers of The Big Outside for writing to me. You often send compliments about this blog and I greatly appreciate hearing from you.

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