Hiking the Wildcat Ridge Trail, White Mountains, N.H.

One Photo, One Story: A Big Dayhike in the White Mountains

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By Michael Lanza

We were less than three hours into a multi-generation, grueling, 20-mile, one-day hike over Wildcat Mountain and the length of Carter-Moriah Trail in New Hampshire’s White Mountains when I shot this slow-exposure photo of my 16-year-old nephew, Marco Garofalo, on the Wildcat Ridge Trail. Marco, his 18-year-old sister, Anna, my friend and frequent ultra-hiking companion Mark Fenton, and Mark’s 16-year-old daughter, Skye, set out early that morning to traverse in a day what’s normally a two- or three-day backpacking trip. Besides being a big distance, especially for the notoriously rugged Whites, this traverse involves some 7,200 feet of vertical gain, and stretches that are just insanely rocky and steep.

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