One Photo, One Story: Alice Lake in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains

By Michael Lanza

In the last part of June, my then-13-year-old son, Nate and I, joined by two friends, took our annual “boy trip” backpacking to one of the most lovely water bodies in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, Alice Lake. We found up to three feet of snow still on the ground and the lake still partly frozen over, but offering up a mirror reflection of the row of snowy, jagged peaks that form the backdrop of Alice Lake. I grabbed this photo of Nate standing on a downed tree near the lakeshore.

I’ll write about that trip, and my annual “girl trip” with my daughter, Alex, to Hell Roaring and Imogene Lake in the Sawtooths, later this year at this blog. See another photo of Alice Lake and one of Imogene in my post “10 Favorite Photos From 2014 Adventures.” See my story “Boy Trip, Girl Trip: Why I Take Father-Son and Father-Daughter Adventures,” all of my stories about Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, and all of my stories about family adventures at The Big Outside.

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2 thoughts on “One Photo, One Story: Alice Lake in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains”

  1. What a fantastic, and FUN, picture!!
    Thanks for sharing, and look forward to reading more about the trip in the next installment.