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March 25, 2014 Cap4-93 Chimney Rock Canyon, Capitol Reef NP, UT

Ask Me: What Lightweight Sleeping Bag Do You Recommend for Desert Trips?

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Can you recommend a desert sleeping bag for a several-night stay. I have a regular bag, but it is for cold weather (0 degrees). We are starting to do some desert backpacking trips and I don’t see much information on the type of bag that would be comfortable in that type of weather.

Thank you.

West Hills, CA Continue reading →

Gear Review: REI Igneo Sleeping Bag

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REI Igneo

REI Igneo

Three-Season Sleeping Bag
REI Igneo (19° F)
$329, $339 long, 1 lbs. 15 oz. (reg)
Sizes: regular and long

Sleeping bags have seen a lot of impressive advances recently, including water-resistant down feathers. But many of those advances jack up the price of high-end bags, while inexpensive models tend too often to be heavy, bulky, and not as well constructed. The Igneo and women’s Joule ($360 regular, $380 long, 22° F) stake out the middle ground with a good price for this quality and low weight, and offer protection from moisture with a waterproof-breathable coating on the ripstop nylon shell fabric. Continue reading →

Gear Review: Big Agnes McAlpin SL Winter Bag

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Big Agnes McAlpin SL winter sleeping bag

Big Agnes McAlpin SL winter bag

Sleeping Bag
Big Agnes McAlpin SL (5° F)
$360, $380 long, 2 lbs. 14 oz. (reg)
Sizes: regular and long

What should you look for in a winter sleeping bag? I want it to be warm enough, sure, but I also look for several other attributes, like a little extra space, resilience to moisture, and that it’s not too heavy or bulky and doesn’t cost more than my winter tent. Big Agnes has answered my demands with the McAlpin. Continue reading →

Gear Review: Three Sleeping Bag Liners

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Insect Shield Cocoon Safari Bag

Insect Shield Cocoon Safari Bag

Sleeping Bag Liners
Insect Shield Cocoon Safari Bag
$80, 6 oz. (with included stuff sack)

Sea to Summit Premium Blend Silk+Cotton Liner
$50, 5.5 oz. (regular, with included stuff sack)
Sea to Summit Coolmax Adaptor Travel Liner
$53, 10 oz. (mummy style, with included stuff sack)

Sleeping bags liners are essential gear for hut trips and a useful supplement to a sleeping bag, increasing a sleeping bag’s temperature rating by several degrees and keeping the inside of your bag cleaner longer—and it’s easier to wash a liner than a bag. I took several bag liners on a weeklong hut trek in Norway’s Jotunheimen National Park using them under thick, wool blankets, and these three emerged as my favorites. Each has strengths that will appeal to different personal preferences. Continue reading →

Gear Review: Sierra Designs Zissou 15 Sleeping Bag

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Sierra Designs Zissou 15Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag
Sierra Designs Zissou 15
$260 regular, $280 long, 2 lb, 9 oz. (reg)
Sizes: regular and long

For years, I’ve rarely used a synthetic sleeping bag because they’re so much heavier and bulkier than down bags, and I’m not often out on the sort of extended, really wet trips where a down bag can get damp enough to lose its loft and warmth. But the advent of hydrophobic down could be a game changer nonetheless, and the Zissou 15 is among the first sleeping bags on the market to use down feathers that resist saturation. Continue reading →

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