Michael Lanza on the summit of Clouds Rest, Yosemite National Park.

Me on the summit of Clouds Rest, Yosemite National Park.

Dear Fellow Backpacker,

Congratulations, you have at your fingertips the first e-guides I’ve created to the best backpacking trips I’ve taken over nearly three decades as an outdoor writer and photographer, running this blog and previously as Backpacker magazine’s Northwest Editor for many years.

I created these customized, digital e-guides for a simple reason. Receiving innumerable questions from readers who were planning a trip—and many years of taking my own trips—convinced me that backpackers simply want an informed, reliable resource that can tell them what a trip is like and how to pull it off enjoyably and safely. You don’t need a lot of superfluous verbiage.


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Michael Lanza in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains.

Me hiking in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains.

For The Big Outside, I decided to create affordable, downloadable e-guides that give you exactly that.

Whether for a family or a group of friends, beginners or hard-core experts, my e-guides explain what you must do to prepare for that specific trip, and then undertake it in a way that feels like an adventure personalized for you.

My e-guides provide:

• Details on a trip’s total distance, elevation gain and loss, and difficulty.
• A description of each trip’s character and highlights, and the degree of solitude you can expect to find along it during the peak season.
• A link to the full feature story I’ve written about that trip at The Big Outside, which includes many photos and usually video.
• Abundant information on how to plan the trip, including tips about seasons, getting a permit, travel logistics, gear, and what you need to know regarding safety and other issues specific to that trip—because I’m a big believer that much of the success of any outdoor adventure is determined before you leave home.
• My expert guidance on how to execute this trip, including primary and alternative hiking itineraries.
• Links to other stories and gear reviews at The Big Outside that can help you make your adventure a success.

The menu and purchasing page lists my first two e-guides, describing a pair of outstanding, big hikes in Yosemite. As I create more e-guides, you will see the menu of offerings here grow. Have you read about a trip at The Big Outside that you’d like to see an e-guide to? Any other suggestions for me? Write to me at michael@thebigoutside.com.


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Thanks for following The Big Outside.

Michael LanzaHave fun and be safe out there,

Michael Lanza




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