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Years of answering questions from many readers planning a trip they read about at my blog—and more than three decades of planning my own trips—have given me a very good idea of what information people like you need.

That deep experience informs my approach to creating e-guides that are useful and informative whether you’re planning an adventure for a family or a group of friends, beginners or experts.

Based on my personal experience on these trails, my affordable, expert trip e-guides focus on details like the best time of year to do a hike, the best strategy for avoiding crowds on popular hikes, the best direction of travel on a hike, the tricks I’ve learned for obtaining a popular backcountry permit, and planning a day-to-day itinerary that hits the highlights, lands the best campsites, and is appropriate for everyone involved. That makes your hike more enjoyable and safer.

My skills-focused, how-to e-guides share my expertise acquired over more than three decades of planning, taking, and writing about backpacking and other adventures.

Filled with unique and thorough advice that draws on first-hand knowledge, my e-guides will tell you everything you need to know to make your trip a success.

—Michael Lanza

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