Other guides tell you the basic “what” about a hike. Mine go a step further to tell you the “how.”

Does it seem like most hiking and backpacking guidebooks tell you all the basic information about a hike—how long it is, where to start and finish, when to turn left or right, and the names of flowers and trees along the way—but still leave you with many questions about how to plan and pull off that trip? Are you left wondering where to begin and what to expect?

I know. My bookshelves are full of those guidebooks. (I’ve written some.)

In my affordable, downloadable, single-trip e-guides, I focus on details like the very best time of year to do a hike, the smartest time of day for certain sections, the best strategy for avoiding crowds on popular hikes, the tricks I’ve learned for obtaining a popular backcountry permit, and planning a day-to-day itinerary that hits the highlights, lands the best campsites, and is appropriate for everyone involved. Those details make a hike more enjoyable and safer.

My unique and very thorough trip-planning advice is what most distinguishes my e-guides from other guides.

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