La Sportiva Hyper Mid GTX

La Sportiva Hyper Mid GTX

(Via Twitter from @Keeping_Secrets, aka Grant, St. Louis, MO)

@Keeping_Secrets: Hey Mike! I’m looking at new hiking boots. We pack heavy. Looking at Vasque Breeze 2.0. Thoughts? Recommendations?

@MichaelALanza: Hi Grant. How heavy do you pack? What boots do or did you use now or last and did they work for you with a heavy pack?

@Keeping_Secrets: my pack prob maxes out around 60 lbs. Had a pair of Asolos (from Sierra Trading Post) that were decent but I’m looking for an upgrade.

@MichaelALanza: Do you know what Asolo model, or can you tell me what the pair weigh (and your size), leather vs. fabric, stiffness?

Scarpa Tech Ascent GTX

Scarpa Tech Ascent GTX

@Keeping_Secrets: they are an older model. Don’t remember the name.

@MichaelALanza: Definitely a pretty lightweight boot, right? Do you want something similar to that for big loads?

@Keeping_Secrets: I’d prefer lightweight but would go heavier than old pair. Those developed holes in mesh. One reason I need to replace them.

@MichaelALanza: See my reviews of the @Sportiva Hyper Mid GTX (a tough lightweight boot) & @ScarpaNA Tech Ascent GTX at

@MichaelALanza: Or the @VasqueFootwear St. Elias GTX and Aku SL Sintesi Mid GTX, both heavier and somewhat stiffer.

Vasque St. Elias GTX

Vasque St. Elias GTX

@MichaelALanza: Click on Older Posts to view 2nd page. You’re deciding between low weight vs. more support & durability, …

@MichaelALanza: … although the Scarpa boots hit right in the middle between lightweight and beefier, plus durable.

@MichaelALanza: The @VasqueFootwear Breeze 2.0 is nice, too, probably between the @Sportiva & @ScarpaNA for support, stiffness, durability.

@MichaelALanza: Important: Find what fits best and gives the support you want.

@KeepingSecrets: Called all local retailers & none carry the Hyper Mid. I ordered them off of Zappos though, because they have an easy return policy.

@MichaelALanza: Sounds like a smart move. Good luck with them.

Aku SL Sintesi Mid GTX

Aku SL Sintesi Mid GTX

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