Earth, Wind, and Fire: A Journey to the Planet’s Beginnings in Iceland

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By Michael Lanza

The land is on fire.

Actually, the land appears to be smoldering, stoked by some persistent furnace just beneath the surface. Which is essentially true.

Steam from hot springs and other geothermal features issues from scores of points from here to the horizon. Mud pots bubble and burp, and the color of volcanic activity is everywhere—paint-can spills of ochre, pink, gold, plum, brown, rust, and honey against a backdrop of purple pumice and electric-lime moss. An old, hardened lava flow pours down one mountainside in a jumbled train wreck of razor-sharp black rhyolite.

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2 Responses to Earth, Wind, and Fire: A Journey to the Planet’s Beginnings in Iceland

  1. Thomas C   |  September 1, 2015 at 9:30 am

    Hope you’re having a good hiking season. Just back from the Laugavegur here. You were right about how variable and cold the weather can be along the trail! Was prepared for a range, but I’m still amazed by how variable it was, with blue skies and rainbows shifting to thick fog, to strong winds, rain and sleet, then returning back to clear conditions over short periods of time.

    Happy trails. Again, always enjoy your the posts and tips!

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