Gear Review: Granite Gear Air Zippditty Stuff Sacks

November 26, 2012  |  In Gear Reviews   |   Tagged , , ,   |   1 Comment

Mini Zippered Stuff Sacks
Granite Gear Air Zippditty
$30, 2.5 oz. (set of 4)
Sizes: 0.6L, 1L, 1.7L, and 2.4L

I’m a little anal-retentive about keeping my backpack organized so that I can put my hands on what I without digging around. And being a writer and photographer, I tend to carry a lot of small items that are easily buried inside a pack pocket, like a digital voice recorder and memory cards. So I like to keep things compartmentalized without adding more than a few ounces in stuff sack weight.

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One Response to Gear Review: Granite Gear Air Zippditty Stuff Sacks

  1. Tim Miner   |  November 27, 2012 at 1:22 am

    Great find! I started using Sea to Summit compression sacks this year to organize my pack a bit. All of my shelter and bedding goes into one and is compressed to take much less space. A second compression sack works great for the other clothes. Now my main compartment is just two compression sacks.

    I think I’ll have to consider this for the other stuff that finds it way into my pack.

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