The Big Outside Starts Down a New Path Today. Please Join Me

By Michael Lanza

Starting today, this blog takes a necessary step forward: I’ve launched a paid-subscription system. I’m inviting you, as a regular reader of my blog, to join now, at a nominal cost, and continue having access to the high-quality stories and images you’ve enjoyed at The Big Outside.

Thanks to readers like you who value my stories about hiking and backpacking, family outdoor adventures, trips in many national parks (like Zion, photo above) and wilderness areas, gear reviews, and expert tips, The Big Outside now receives over a million page views a year.

Thanks for that.

I hope you appreciate my blog enough to become a supporting subscriber right now for just a few pennies over $4 per month. That low cost will deliver high value to you and enable me to continue producing the stories you read here every week.


Don’t put off your next adventure. Click here now to subscribe to The Big Outside.


Here’s how it works.

Purchasing a paid subscription will allow you to read any and all stories at this blog. You can subscribe for one month, three months, or a year. Longer is cheaper, but all three options provide the same access to all of my blog posts.

The prices are:

• $4.95/month
• $13.95/3 months
• $49.95/year (Best Value: $4.16/month)


Don’t miss any of my stories about America’s and the world’s best outdoor adventures. Click here now to purchase your subscription to The Big Outside.


Michael Lanza hiking off-trail in the Monolith Valley, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho.
Me hiking off-trail in the Monolith Valley, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho.

Some existing stories and pages at my site, including static menu pages like my All Trips and Gear Reviews pages (available in the main menu, above), and individual gear reviews will remain accessible to all visitors at no cost.

You can still receive my regular email newsletters at no cost.

But most stories at this blog now require a paid subscription to read beyond the first 100 words (usually the first paragraph). When you open one of those stories, you will be invited to purchase a subscription, which takes just a minute. After registering, you will only have to be logged in to immediately access any story at this site from any device.


Enjoy unlimited access to my stories about the best outdoor adventures. Click here now to purchase your subscription to The Big Outside.


I’ve heard from many of you. My readers have emailed me hundreds of times and posted thousands of comments on stories at this blog. I understand why you follow The Big Outside: This blog supports your lifestyle. It helps enable you to do what you love to do—the outdoor activities that fulfill us all.

My blog helps you plan and execute great adventures for yourself and your family. This is about our life choices.

The Big Outside saves you time—and time is money.

Many of you have made donations to support my blog, and I appreciate that. But that’s not a business model. That’s why I’m asking you now to show me that you value the stories, images, and information you find here that make your life better.

For less than the cost of a venti chocolate mocha at Starbucks once a month, you can continue having full access to all stories and pages at The Big Outside.


You’re an avid reader of my stories and tips at The Big Outside. Don’t miss out on any of them. Please click here now to purchase your subscription.


Please share your thoughts on my blog or my subscription system in the comments section below. Thank you for being a loyal reader and supporter of my blog.


Don’t put it off! Click here now to purchase your subscription to The Big Outside.



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