The Best First Backpacking Trip in the Grand Canyon

Backpacking the Grand Canyon rim to rim takes you on a uniquely scenic tour of one of the planet’s greatest natural wonders. This is the most comprehensive guide you will find to backpacking the park’s three “corridor trails:” the South and North Kaibab and Bright Angel trails. These are the Grand Canyon’s most backpacker-friendly trails because they have the best construction quality, water availability, access, and ease of navigation.

This e-book covers everything you need to know, including expert advice on the ideal times of year, new-for-2024 detailed instructions on how to obtain a highly competitive backcountry permit at, travel logistics, gear, safety, and itineraries for backpacking rim to rim in either direction, plus four alternative itineraries—making it a complete guide to the various possible multi-day hikes on the three corridor trails.

See many photos in my blog stories “Fit to be Tired: Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in a Day” and “April Fools: Dayhiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim” (which require a paid subscription to read) and “Photo Gallery: Dayhiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim” (which is free for anyone to read).

Purchase this e-book NOW to begin planning your rim-to-rim backpacking trip across the Grand Canyon!

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