The Perfect Plan for Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Any list of the world’s greatest hiking trails invariably includes the Tour du Mont Blanc. The reason for that is simply the sheer majesty of this roughly 106-mile (170k) path around the “Monarch of the Alps.” Passing through three nations—France, Italy, and Switzerland—it delivers steady views of glaciers, jagged peaks, and the snowy dome of 15,771-foot (4807m) Mont Blanc. Each night, you stay in lodges in charming towns and villages or mountain huts in stunning settings.

This e-book uniquely describes how to customize a flexible TMB hiking itinerary, using local transportation options along the route to skip or shorten harder days, avoid bad weather, or hike either most of the TMB or just a section of it. It provides expert advice on planning and preparing for a TMB trek—right down to gear tips and what you need to know to be safe—and day-to-day itinerary options on the first nine of the TMB’s 11 stages. This is not a guide to trekking the entire Tour du Mont Blanc, but a road map for anyone, including a group with mixed abilities and stamina, to craft the perfect customized plan for one of the world’s great treks.

Read my blog story about my family’s TMB trek, “Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc at an 80-Year-Old Snail’s Pace” which has dozen of photos and requires a paid subscription to read in full; or see my story “The Best Plan for Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc,” which is free for anyone to read.

Purchase this e-book NOW to begin planning your trek on the incomparable Tour du Mont Blanc!

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