Gear Review: Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL Air Mat

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Insulated Air Mattress
Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL
$140, 1 lb. 2 oz. (20x66x3.5 ins., rectangular, with stuff sack)
Sizes: four rectangular, two mummy

In the competition to make backcountry air mattresses lighter, more compact, and more comfortable, the Insulated Q-Core SL has raised the bar. I slept on the shortest (and least expensive) of the six sizes of this three-season air mattress for seven nights in southern Utah in early spring, including backpacking trips in Coyote Gulch and Capitol Reef National Park, and found it heavenly for comfort.

The simple reason is the bodacious, 3.5 inches of thickness—a half-inch to an inch fatter than most competitors that are either heavier or comparable in weight.

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One Response to Gear Review: Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL Air Mat

  1. Darren   |  May 11, 2013 at 12:12 am

    I tried out the Q-Core SL tonight at REI and it felt heavenly. I’ve been using 1-2 inch thermarests and this Big Agnes pad feels like sleeping on a luxury mattress.

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