Summit of Thompson Peak in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains.

One Photo, One Story: Hiking Thompson Peak in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains

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By Michael Lanza

We started hiking in a cool, morning fog that hung thickly over the Sawtooth Valley, our destination a very small, very airy block of stone that lay beyond sight about 6.5 miles and 4,200 vertical feet in the distance: the 10,751-foot summit of Thompson Peak, the highest in Idaho’s best-known mountain range, the Sawtooths, where 33 summits exceed 10,000 feet. Four-and-a-half hours later, I snapped this photo of my wife, Penny, in a notch right below the short, third-class scramble to Thompson’s summit. We had the crown of the Sawtooths to ourselves on this July weekday, with a sweeping view of the entire Sawtooth Range, Goat Lake 1,700 feet below us, and the White Cloud Mountains across the valley.

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