Photo Gallery: Backpacking the CDT Through Glacier National Park

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Backpackers hiking toward Piegan Pass in Glacier National Park.

By Michael Lanza

After almost three decades of wilderness backpacking all over the U.S. and around the world, rarely does a new trip immediately leap into my all-time top 10. But that’s exactly what happened when three friends and I recently backpacked a north-south traverse of about 90 miles through Glacier National Park, mostly following the Continental Divide Trail.

Backpacking for six days from Chief Mountain Trailhead, at the Canadian border in the park’s northeast corner to Two Medicine, in the park’s southeast corner, we enjoyed the full Glacier experience, from daily wildlife encounters to scenery unlike anything you can find anywhere else in America—as I think you’ll see in this photo gallery.

We saw bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black bears, a moose, and one grizzly bear (from a distance that was adequately safe, though we were wishing it was greater). It being September, we also heard elk bugling almost every morning and evening, and enjoyed mostly sunny, dry days and comfortably cool nights.


Backpacker hiking from Pitamakan Pass to Dawson Pass in Glacier National Park.

Backpacking the high trail from Pitamakan Pass to Dawson Pass in Glacier National Park.

We also happened to meet a number of CDT thru-hikers on the final day or two of their months-long journeys, and it was kind of special hearing their stories and seeing their excitement over their imminent completion of an epic trek.

And then, of course, there were the views of skyscraping cliffs, waterfalls, and icy peaks looming high above deep, glacier-carved valleys. We made long climbs over five mountain passes—Redgap, Piegan, Triple Divide, Pitamakan, and Dawson.

Although the scenery really awed us every day of the trip, it seemed like the perfect culmination of it when, on the last day of backpacking, we followed the high, alpine trail from Pitamakan Pass to Dawson Pass. It delivered just maybe the trek’s best, long views of the glaciers and peaks in the park’s remote interior.


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After the backpacking trip, we capped off our visit with an eight-mile, out-and-back dayhike from Two Medicine following the CDT up to Scenic Point—for yet more views of those lakes, valleys, and peaks that have reminded visitors for many generations of the Alps.

Click on the photo gallery below and scroll through these pictures from that trip—they’ll give you a strong sense of the inspiring majesty of this north-south traverse through Glacier. Then scroll below the gallery to find links to my stories about Glacier at The Big Outside.


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