Plunging Into Solitude: Dayhiking, Slot Canyoneering, and Backpacking in Capitol Reef

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By Michael Lanza

We stand on the rim of an unnamed slot canyon in the backcountry of Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park, in a spot that just a handful of people have seen before us. We’ve arrived here after hiking about two hours uphill on the Navajo Knobs Trail, and then heading off-trail, navigating a circuitous route up steep slickrock and below a sheer-walled fin of white Navajo Sandstone hundreds of feet tall, stabbing into the blue sky. Now I peer down at the narrow, deep, and shadowy crack that we have come to rappel into, and feel a little flush of anxiety.

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4 Responses to Plunging Into Solitude: Dayhiking, Slot Canyoneering, and Backpacking in Capitol Reef

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  2. bob van belle   |  October 16, 2014 at 4:31 am

    That Tank/Blowout Flats/Golden Throne loop is fantastic. There is a money shot view of the Henry’s framed by beautiful Navajo sandstone domes soon after the ledge traverse and before the flats. One of my Top 10 in the park — first time was 1993 I think. For my money the best backcountry hiking park west of the Mississippi.

  3. Lynn Cruz   |  March 14, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    There is a restaurant near Capitol Reef run by a 4-star chef who used to be in Salt Lake City. He uses local organic fare, local native plants, and herbs grown outside his restaurant to make fabulous entrees and desserts! Cafe Diablo. Not open year round so call first.

    • MichaelALanza   |  March 15, 2013 at 6:03 am

      Thanks for the recommendation, Lynn. Isn’t that place in Torrey? I think local friends of mine there have recommended it to me as well.

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