Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves review

A backcountry skier in Idaho's Boise Mountains.

The Best Gloves For Winter 2021

By Michael Lanza Looking for winter gloves that keep your hands warm and dry and are made to last for years? As a professional gear reviewer who gets cold hands easily and spends many days outside in winter, from downhill, backcountry, and Nordic skiing to bike commuting, trail running, and working outside, I’ve used many types of gloves and learned …

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A backpacker on the Fisher Creek Trail in North Cascades National Park.

Review: 22 Essential Backpacking Gear Accessories of 2021

By Michael Lanza Sure, your backpack, boots, tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, and other backpacking gear matter a lot, and you should put serious thought into your choices when buying any of them. But little things matter, too. Various necessary accessories, convenience items, and small comforts accompany me on backcountry trips. A quarter-century of field-testing gear—as the lead gear reviewer …

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