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August 22, 2018 Gregory Baltoro 65 backpack

Gear Review: Gregory Baltoro 65 and Deva 60 Backpacks

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Gregory Baltoro 65 and Deva 60
$300, 65L/3,966 c.i. (men’s medium), 4 lbs. 15 oz. (men’s small, without the rain cover)
Sizes: men’s Baltoro S-L, women’s Deva XS-M

Loaded with up to 40 pounds on a four-day, nearly 30-mile family backpacking trip in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, this pack felt almost unnoticeable on my back—even climbing over three 9,000-foot mountain passes (two of them in one day). That may sound hyperbolic, but it’s true: I was thinking about the scenery rather than about my pack. That observation speaks volumes about the comfort of the fully featured men’s Baltoro and women’s Deva, which rank among the two or three best backpacking packs for hauling heavy loads—and may be the very best of them all. Here’s why. Continue reading →

June 19, 2018 Backpackers in Titcomb Basin, in Wyoming's Wind River Range.

Ask Me: What’s the Best Ultralight Thru-Hiking Backpack?

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Hi Michael,

I’m looking for a backpack for my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. I am considering some Osprey packs and others. What to you recommend as the best thru-hiking backpack?


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May 17, 2018 The Gregory Optic 58 ultralight backpack in the Grand Canyon.

Review: Gregory Optic 58 and Octal 55 Ultralight Backpacks

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Ultralight Backpack
Gregory Optic 58 (men’s) and Octal 55 (women’s)
$210, 58L/3,539 c.i. (men’s medium), 2 lbs. 7 oz. (men’s small, without the included rain cover, 3 oz.)
Sizes: men’s S-L, women’s XS-M

No one loves loading extra water into their pack—especially upwards of 13 pounds of it, as I did as we left our last water source on our final evening backpacking the Grand Canyon’s Thunder River-Deer Creek Loop. We needed to haul enough liquid sustenance to get us through the 2,600-foot climb we were embarking on at 5:30 p.m., plus another 2,000 feet uphill early the next morning. That pushed my total pack weight up toward the limit of the ultralight Optic 58—as good a test as any. And Gregory’s first foray into ultralight packs not only handled that assignment well, it shines for many other reasons, too. Continue reading →

March 7, 2018 Lauren McLean using the Gregory Wander 70.

Ask Me: How Can a Small Woman Find a Backpack That Fits?

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Hi Michael,

My fiancée has begun backpacking, and we’re in the market for a pack. But she’s tiny, five feet and just 100 pounds, and finding a waist belt small enough has been an issue. I’m thinking she needs a 50- to 55-liter pack. Any suggestions?


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Gear Giveaway: Gregory Targhee 45L Backpack

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Gregory Targhee 45L

Gregory Targhee 45L

If you’re a backcountry skier, snowshoer, or climber, and you like to spend big days in the backcountry or take multi-day yurt and hut trips, you need a pack with a split personality: It has to be big enough to fit all of your food and gear for at least four days, yet carry like a smaller pack when you fill it only partially for day tours. The Gregory Targhee 45L did just that for me on a four-day, backcountry skiing trip to the Baldy Knoll yurt in Wyoming’s Tetons, thanks to superior stability and a highly versatile design.

And I’m giving away a Gregory Targhee 45L backpack (in a size of your choice) right now at The Big Outside. Continue reading →

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