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December 19, 2017 Trekking the Dientes Circuit on remote Navarino Island in Chilean Patagonia.

Trekking Remotest Patagonia on the Dientes Circuit

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By Michael Lanza

As we climbed toward Paso Australia, on the southernmost trek in the world, the Dientes Circuit in Patagonia, the wind gathered strength, shoving us forward and sideways, spinning us around. As if to suggest that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, our young Chilean guide, Maurice, warned, “It’s going to be windy up there at Australia Pass.”

In fact, at the 2,641-foot (805m) pass, it became hard to stand and walk. We alternately braced ourselves against the most furious gusts and stumbled a few steps forward during lulls of merely howling gales. Clouds hurried overhead, slamming against a row of stark, stone pinnacles jutting into the sky, some of the peaks that give this remote mountain range its name: Dientes de Navarino, or “Teeth of Navarino.” Continue reading →

October 1, 2013 Below the Cordon de los Dientes

Ask Me: Trekking Patagonia’s Dientes Circuit

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Hi Michael,

I recently came across your website while looking for information on the Dientes Circuit. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive summary of your trip. We are headed down that way for three weeks this winter and are planning to backpack the Paine Circuit while we’re there. We’re also looking at the Dientes Circuit and Fitzroy to fill our trip. Did you find a spot to leave gear in Punta Arenas? Is it possible to buy backpacking-type food in Puerto Williams or did you fly with it from Punta Arenas?

Thanks for your help,
Boise, ID Continue reading →

April 14, 2011

Unknown Patagonia: Backpacking The Dientes Circuit

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By Michael Lanza

As our 20-seat, twin-engine Otter DHC-6 prop plane drops through the ever-present Patagonian cloud cover, the Beagle Channel comes into view. On both sides, green hills rise to craggy, treeless mountains. To the north, the jagged Fuegian Andes of Argentina push into the sky. To the south looms our destination: the sharply pointed spires of the Dientes de Navarino. With a steep banking turn, the plane glides down onto the airstrip in the southernmost town in the world, Puerto Williams on Chile’s Navarino Island. Continue reading →