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February 7, 2017 Wallowa Mountains, Oregon.

12 Pro Tips For Staying Warm Outdoors in Winter

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By Michael Lanza

Staying warm and comfortable while Nordic or backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking in winter is a constant challenge—we sweat, our bodies and clothes get damp, then we get cold. But it’s not impossible. In fact, as someone who runs hot when moving and cools off quickly—and who gets cold fingers very easily—I’ve learned some tricks over the years that have made getting outdoors in winter vastly more comfortable and enjoyable for me. Follow these tips and you could be more comfortable on cold-weather outdoor adventures, too. Continue reading →

December 30, 2013

Ask Me: Can You Recommend a Good Winter Pack?

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Hi Mike,

I have been hiking in the Presidential Range, N.H., for approximate 15 years and have used your New England Hiking guidebook as my bible. I have always snowshoed, but recently started going above tree line in winter and plan on doing much more.

I am looking for a great winter pack, 50 to 60 liters, and read your review of the Sierra Designs Ymir, although it is more for snowboarding and skiing. I was hoping you could give me your choices (I would really like straps for snowshoes). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Continue reading →

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