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Gear Review: Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves and Ibex Point 62 Gloves

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Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves

Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves

Winter Gloves
Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves
$89, 5 oz. (men’s large)
Sizes: men’s XS-XL

Ibex Point 62 Gloves
$85, 4 oz. (medium)
Sizes: unisex S-XL

What’s your winter activity? Nordic skiing? Snowshoeing? Hiking? Running? Whatever you do, you can bet there are gloves made specifically for it. Both of these models have become go-to handwear for me in moderate temperatures (20s and 30s) this winter, but for different activities. Continue reading →

Gear Review: Black Diamond Coefficient Jacket

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Black Diamond Coefficient Jacket

Black Diamond Coefficient Jacket

Fleece Jacket
Black Diamond Coefficient Jacket
$139, 11 oz. (men’s medium)
Sizes: men’s S-XL

Keeping your body from overheating or getting cold while active is a challenge in shoulder seasons, or anytime you encounter fast-changing weather and temperatures from the 20s to the 50s Fahrenheit. The key is clothing that provides just enough warmth without making you perspire too much, and that moves moisture out quickly when sweating becomes unavoidable. On numerous spring and fall days of hiking and rock climbing in Idaho’s City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park, and dayhiking in July in Mount Rainier National Park, the Coefficient Jacket hit that ideal balance that kept me from cycling between hot and chilled. Continue reading →

Gear Review: Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp

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Princeton Tec Vizz

Princeton Tec Vizz

Ultralight Headlamp
Princeton Tec Vizz
$50, 3 oz. (including three AAA batteries)
Max burn time: 160 hours (dimmable white LEDs), 150 hours (red LEDs), 110 hours (brightest mode)

With backcountry headlamps getting lighter yet brighter, choosing among the sub-4-oz. options out there gets a little overwhelming. The Vizz stands out for hiking, backpacking, trail running, and climbing not just for its low weight and impressive brightness, but for versatility and remarkable ease of use: You don’t need a Ph.D. in electronics to operate the Vizz. I used it numerous days this summer on backpacking trips in Sequoia National Park, Washington’s Glacier Peak Wilderness, and Idaho’s White Clouds Mountains—including hours of hiking in the dark—a hut trip in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, a pre-dawn start on a dayhike in Mount Rainier National Park, and camping at Idaho’s City of Rocks. Continue reading →

Gear Review: Bosavi Headlamp

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Bosavi headlamp

Bosavi headlamp

Rechargeable Ultralight Headlamp
$70, 2 oz. (including rechargeable battery)
Max burn time: 65 hours at low power, six hours at high power

With an increasing number of headlamps weighing in under four ounces without compromising brightness, the name of the game these days is versatility and convenience. The Bosavi sets itself apart not just because it’s rechargeable (like some others), but with a design that makes it ideal for hiking or backpacking, trail running, climbing, skiing, bike commuting, and just about any activity you’ll do outside in the dark that doesn’t require a super bright light (and a massive, heavy battery pack). Plus, an ounce or two may seem like splitting hairs to some, but ultralight backpackers and hikers, climbers, and trail runners will appreciate that the Bosavi is lighter and more compact than most competitors. Continue reading →

Gear Review: Outdoor Research Throttle Short

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Outdoor Research Throttle Short

Outdoor Research Throttle Short

Hiking and Running Shorts
Outdoor Research Throttle Short
$59, 6 oz. (men’s small)
Sizes: men’s S-XXL, women’s XS-XL

With the variety of shorts for trail running and hiking out there, what distinguishes one from another? When I’m going fast or far on warm days, I want shorts that keep me cool and comfortable—like the Throttle Short, which I wore this summer on dayhikes in Idaho’s Sawtooths with my family, trail runs of up to seven miles in the Boise Foothills, a two-hour hike-run (6.4 miles and almost 3,000 feet up and down) on the Eagle Peak Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park, a 28-mile, nearly 8,000-vertical-foot dayhike in Idaho’s White Clouds Mountains, and numerous, sweaty gym workouts. Continue reading →

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