By Michael Lanza

There are a lot of tents out there. How do you choose between them? Backpackers come in different sizes and have different needs and preferences in a tent. In testing scores of backcountry tents for over two decades, for reviews in Backpacker Magazine and this blog, I’ve seen the best and the worst—and gotten a sense of what to look for in a tent and how to help people pick out one they like. Here are my five simple tips for finding a tent you’ll love.

Sahale Camp, North Cascades National Park, one of my 25 favorite backcountry campsites.
Sahale Camp, North Cascades N.P., one of my 25 favorite backcountry campsites.

#1 Read the Reviews

Yes, there are a lot of reviews in the ether and in print. Some of those authors know what they’re talking about; many have little experience. Find sources you consider authoritative and read them for details you can’t glean by simply checking out a tent in a store, like how well it stands up to wind and rain, and whether it has a problem with condensation buildup.


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Death Canyon Shelf, Teton Crest Trail, Grand Teton National Park.
Death Canyon Shelf, Teton Crest Trail, Grand Teton National Park.

#2 Crawl Inside

Never buy a tent blind—that’s a formula for disappointment. After reading the reviews and identifying at least a few tents that sound good to you, visit stores that carry them. Pitch the tent yourself to see how that goes. Sit and lie down inside it—ideally with your partner(s)—to see whether you consider the headroom and interior and vestibule space adequate. If you don’t like bumping shoulders in the tent when you’re in the store, you’ll really dislike it when you’re trying to sleep in the backcountry.

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