By Michael Lanza

Alice Lake, a cerulean jewel about three-quarters of a mile long, sits at nearly 8,600 feet in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. Stand on its shore in the calm of a typical summer morning or on a windless afternoon or evening, and the glassy water reflects a long row of granite pinnacles rising across the lake, which are white with snow until mid-summer. The water is so clear that rocks on the lake bottom look as sharp as printed words on the page of a book in your hands.

A favorite among Sawooths aficionados, Alice has beautiful campsites around its western and northern shorelines, and is probably most often visited by backpackers hiking the 18-mile Alice Lake-Toxaway Lake loop. With outstanding scenery most of the way, it’s arguably the best two- to three-day backpacking trip in the Sawtooths. And Toxaway Lake offers another great spot for camping on that loop.

Alice Lake in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, photographed in June, while snow remained there.
Alice Lake in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho.

That loop passes over the Alice Lake-Toxaway Lake Divide, the 9,200-foot pass separating the two stunning valleys that cradle those lakes. From the pass, it’s also possible to dayhike and scramble off-trail up 10,651-foot Snowyside Peak, the fifth highest among more than 40 peaks that rise above 10,000 feet in the Sawtooths. Snowyside has some third-class scrambling, on generally good rock, and somewhat tricky route-finding to reach the summit, where the panorama takes in most of the Sawtooths and the White Cloud Mountains across the Sawtooth Valley.

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A young boy backpacking below Alice Lake in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains.
My son, Nate, backpacking below Alice Lake in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains.

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