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The Complete Guide to Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Arguably the most scenic—and coveted—long dayhike or trail run in America, crossing the Grand Canyon from rim to rim takes you on a top-to-bottom-to-top tour of one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring and unfathomable landscapes. Besides being stunningly pretty just about every step of the way, it’s also a huge outing that involves—by its shortest route—21 trail miles and over 10,500 feet of cumulative elevation gain and loss. This e-guide offers expert tips on how to pull off this uniquely challenging hike successfully and safely, including preparing for it, the ideal seasonal windows, tips on strategy and direction to hike, travel logistics, gear, and all possible hiking itineraries combining the North Kaibab, South Kaibab, and Bright Angel trails. It also offers insider tips on doubling it—hiking rim to rim to rim (across and back, which I’ve done)—as well as relatively shorter options.

Read my blog stories “April Fools: Dayhiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim” (which is premium content, requiring a subscription to read), for more photos and a much shorter description of how to take this hike than you’ll find in this e-guide, and see my “Photo Gallery: Dayhiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim” (which is free for anyone to read). See all of my stories about Grand Canyon National Park, or scroll down to Grand Canyon on my All National Park Trips page.

Purchase this e-guide NOW to begin planning your unforgettable rim-to-rim dayhike or trail run across the Grand Canyon!

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