Royal Arch Loop, Grand Canyon.

Photo Gallery: Backpacking in the Grand Canyon

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By Michael Lanza

A twisting gorge 277 miles long and averaging about 10 miles wide and a mile deep. A national park spanning more than 1.2 million acres. More than 100 named rapids on the Colorado River. The Vishnu Schist comprising the canyon’s inner gorge is some of the oldest exposed rock on Earth, some two billion years old, or about half the age of the planet. Statistics, however impressive, barely begin to describe the experience of hiking down into the Grand Canyon. But pictures help, as I think you’ll see in this gallery of photos from my backpacking trips there.

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2 Responses to Photo Gallery: Backpacking in the Grand Canyon

  1. Susan Sternberg   |  November 27, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Breathtaking photos, Michael! Which camera(s) did you use?

    • MichaelALanza   |  November 27, 2017 at 5:28 pm

      Hi Susan, thanks for asking. As I explain in more detail about in this post (, I shoot with a Nikon D7100 with Nikkor 18-140 and 10-24 zooms. I previously used a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 18-200 zoom and a Sigma 10-20 zoom; many photos at The Big Outside were shot with that setup. The Grand Canyon photos at my blog were shot with one or the other, depending on how recent the trip was.

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